Noah Alper is the founder of Noah’s Bagels, a large west coast bakery/restaurant chain.  He opened his own business consulting practice in early 2005, to provide strategic management, executive coaching and business planning consulting.
Alper took the Noah’s Bagels concept from a one-store location in Berkeley California in 1989, and in 6 1/2 years sold the business for 100 million dollars while taking it public. Alper has founded five other businesses besides the bagel empire he built, and brings a wealth of start up and small business expertise to the marketplace. His experience includes concept creation, marketing, retailing, food service, and sales management.

”I enjoy sharing my experiences of successful business start-ups, how I did it, and what I learned along the way,” says Alper. As a speaker and consultant, people are motivated and intrigued to hear the do’s and don’ts of my exciting and rewarding business case studies.”

Mr. Alper is an accomplished motivational speaker, with over 35 years of business and non-profit management experience. He has lectured at Haas School of Business at The University of California, Berkeley, The Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, and the School of Business at Golden Gate University.

His extensive background in bringing business from the idea stage through successful start-up and early stage development makes Noah an ideal resource for executive coaching, and planning.